Jervis Bay, South Coast, NSW, Australia

Jaunt to Jervis Bay

Are there more kangaroos here than people? We mutter this between us as we unpack our things at our AirBNB self-contained cottage a short walk from St George’s Basin. There’s at least six ‘roos lazing out just over the fence in the backyard. It’s a picture-perfect winter’s day: the skies are sapphire, the sun is warming and the outlook is olive green the way only the Australian bush can be. But back to the nation’s famous marsupials. We actually feel a bit outnumbered. Read More »


A Taste of Tasmania

It’s a little state with a great, big heart. As soon as our sneakers hit the airport tarmac, we find our Tasmanian zen. Like a long, slow exhalation, the pace of life in the south immediately relaxes us. Leaves crunch under foot, the air is crisp, and the skies are clear. Let the eating, meandering, outdoor escapade begin. Read More »