Easts Beach, Kiama, NSW, Australia

Kicking about in Kiama

A sandy, summery stay down New South Wales’ stunning South Coast has been on our travel wish list for years. We’ve visited Bega, Jervis Bay and Berry on our adventures before; just never when it’s warm enough to take a dip. Finally, just weeks shy of our planned relocation to Queensland, we make the trip down to Kiama to explore a known jewel of the region.

Just 2 hours south of Sydney, Kiama is a little seaside town nestled between Nowra and Wollongong. It’s often been a stop-off for us on South Coast road trips. The view from the highway – rolling green hills inland and sparkling jewel sea lapping the coast – was enough to mark it in our memory.

Without agenda, purpose or a plan we drive south for a weekend to renew and relax. With Miss Two an avid beach-goer, all we’re seeking are quaint mornings by the sea, day naps and early dinners with the sea air tangling our hair. We got it all on this trip. In spades. Read More »


Aloha Hawaii: Four family days in Waikiki

“You can’t go to Hawaii for the first time and NOT experience Waikiki.” This was the advice of our well-travelled friend who’d frequented the palm-fringed sunsets from Waikiki beach over a cocktail or two many a-time. “It’s an essential part of Hawaii. You’ve got to go at least once.” Read More »

Aloha Hawaii: 9 Days in Beautiful Kauai with kids

Here we go: our first international trip as a family of three. Hawaii, Miss (nearly) Two’s first country; as we have travelled to the US regularly since 2009.

We have two weeks to spend in Hawaii: the first nine to be spent exploring Kauai before we return to Oahu to chill on the shores of Waikiki. Kauai, aka The Garden Island, is a short 45 minute flight from Oahu. Our hearts race with excitement as we embark on the 45 minute drive from the airport to our holiday home. Ahead of us we have beach exploration, dinner discoveries, coffee on the lanai, and plenty of kid-tastic chaos.  We are holidaying here with dear friends: they’ve travelled from New York City with their Miss 5 and Mister 1 to join us in Hawaii. The destination is ten hours by air for all of us; we’ve just arrived from different spots on Earth. Read More »

Ocean views from Harrington, Manning Valley, NSW

Unmissable Manning Valley: 5 Fave Family Friendly Things To Do Near Taree

Three hours north of Sydney’s outer fringe lies the magnificent and peaceful Manning Valley: brimming with scenic countryside views, pretty beaches and friendly locals. Mr Travel Tales’ family hail from this region; as such we have spent many weekends relaxing and recharging here away from our city life.  

Here, in no particular order, are some of our favourite things to do as a family when we visitRead More »

Sydney Cityscape

My Fave 5 Baby-Friendly Things To Do In Sydney

Staycations. They’re a thing, right? Well, being travel addicts, we try to enjoy the best of our own city in the weeks in between our getaways.

Yes. Sydney has a load of manmade tourist attractions (zoos, theme parks and the like) and landmarks to check out if that’s your thing. However, if you’re coming to the New South Wales capital and looking for a taste of the local’s life too – here’s a summation of how we got out and about to enjoy our baby’s first year. There’s plenty of good stuff here. Read More »