Three winter jackets for family travels

How We Travel With A Baby

It’s true: the spontaneity of going on a trip with a baby brings a whole new level of unpredictability. But unpredictability brings adventure. Kids get the most out of every moment they’re awake, and therefore as a parent, so do you. I’ve seen a lot more sunrises across Australia than I had before travelling with a tiny tot.

So, after 12 months of travelling with our baby girl, we’ve learnt a quite a few things. Expectations about how I thought we’d travel as a family have been tested, strategies for how to travel best as a family have been tried, but every trip we’ve undertaken has been an adventure. And most importantly, we’ve continued to travel and had a load of fun doing it! Read More »

Dirt road, Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia

Road tripping with a baby

Planes. Trains. Automobiles? Of all the modes of transports we’ve embarked upon with (Now) Miss One, car transport has been – scout’s honour – the most challenging. Our shortest car journey is to the supermarket (yes, when she was a newborn, we’d avoid the one set of red lights on the 2 minute journey) and our longest is four hours (it took 6.5!) to visit Mr Travel Tales’ parents.

Yes, some babies take to travelling in vehicles like new parents take to strong coffee; but in my experience, you just never know what kinda baby you’re going to meet (even if you’ve carried him/her for nine months!). Car travel certainly falls into the challenge category for us. Here is what we’ve learnt. Read More »

Flying above the east coast of Australia

Flying short haul with a baby

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Right? Mostly. All bets are off when it comes to kids but we up for giving anything a red hot go once or twice. Flying is no different.

We hoped we’d be able to continue our gallivanting lifestyle when we welcomed our little adventurer. Nine months in, we’re lucky to report that our tot (who first flew at 7 weeks) has an appetite for adventure and has racked up double figures in domestic flights to date. Read More »