Bents Basin, Greater Western Sydney, NSW

An overnight camp in south-west Sydney

Here we go: our first family camping trip! When we were just a duo, we’d often pack the car up and head into the wild for a night or two under the (tented) stars. We had backpacking-in a tent and a swag to a campground down to an art — and then, we expanded the travel gang.

This is not our first attempt at family camping. Not for want of trying, our loose plans to load up the car with camp gear and a baby had fallen apart a few times before: a storm was forecast, or we were in the depths of a sleep regression, or the campground was booked out. Our plan was to head out to a National Park within 1 to 1.5 hours of our home in Sydney: the travel would encompass nap time, and we could spend an afternoon/evening/morning outdoors before returning the following day.

With a tinge of spring in the air, we grasped a vacant weekend in our calendar and sourced a campground that met our criteria. Royal National Park was booked out (again), The Basin (Kurin-gai Chase National Park) required coordinating a ferry crossing, and Cattai National Park was still a bit chilly at night. Bents Basin Conversation Park it was — we booked our spot and off we adventured! Read More »

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Vivid Sydney, 2018

Vivid Sydney: Baby, Leave The Lights On For Me

This year, we did something we said we’d never do: we went to Vivid Sydney with a baby! Well, Miss One is creeping closer to Two; but we argue to ourselves that she’s only just more baby than kid. Why? Because she still loves to be strapped into the baby carrier for adventures. Read More »

Sydney Cityscape

My Fave 5 Baby-Friendly Things To Do In Sydney

Staycations. They’re a thing, right? Well, being travel addicts, we try to enjoy the best of our own city in the weeks in between our getaways.

Yes. Sydney has a load of manmade tourist attractions (zoos, theme parks and the like) and landmarks to check out if that’s your thing. However, if you’re coming to the New South Wales capital and looking for a taste of the local’s life too – here’s a summation of how we got out and about to enjoy our baby’s first year. There’s plenty of good stuff here. Read More »