Maleny Minibreak

THIS VIEW. It’s bedazzled my Instagram feed more than once. On each appearance, I’d aspirationally placed it on my travel to-do (aka parked it in my memory) as a ‘must-revisit’. STAT.

See, I am Brisbane-bred girl whom was lucky enough to get a week with my grandmother, one on one, on primary school holidays as a kid. Often we would venture from her Sunshine Coast seaside suburb home to Maleny to wander the arts and craft stores (grandma is very keen on butterflies) and eat sweet things. This is about all I could recount about it, even though I knew I liked visiting this little mountain village very much.

Fast forward 20 (or so) years: it’s a wedding invitation that is the catalyst to my return. I credit the wanderlust THAT VIEW stirred in my belly to transforming the invite into our first family mini break.

So, in the company of Mr Little Travel Tales and Miss 3 Months (plus our wedding sitter, my Mum), we are off. Food, wine, and fresh air – let’s go!


Nestled amongst the majesty of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Maleny is just one of the draw cards to the area. It’s lush, green, dairy country: rolling hills, windswept trees, and old rusty farm shacks tucked in between scenes.

Although fabulous food, drink and other interesting wares brim the heart of the village, there is so much more to explore outside of the town itself. Gardner’s Falls, a local watering hole fitted with rope swings, is a scenic spot to cool off. Flanked by the greenery that fringes Obi Obi Creek, it’s a surprisingly short walk to the series of rock pools and small falls.  With a few picnic tables, and a grass area with gradient, we enjoyed a morning of refreshing dips here whilst taking turns hanging in the shade with the baby. Be sure to get there early to avoid summer crowds.


The steamy, then rainy, weekend weather kept us from exploring the hikes in Kondalilla National Park with our little musketeer. You can find out more about these here if you like.


Food. Glorious food. And coffee. And arts, crafts, clothes, handmade furniture and so much more. Maleny’s Maple Street is a gorgeously quaint collection of it all. Kicking off with a delicious breakfast and caffeine hit at Monica’s (if street seating isn’t for you, there’s plenty of spots upstairs), we spent the morning making our way down the main drag with Miss 3 Months cruising in her wheels. We drooled over the cheese display at Maleny Food Co, browsed the local soap and skincare at the Maleny Co-Op, and admired the craftsmanship at David Linton Furniture Works.

Don’t miss the Artisan Market about halfway along: it’s crammed with food carts, succulent pots and take away coffee.

The Triple Cream Brie at Maleny Cheese (located on the way to Montville) was a delicious sunset snack whilst we wound down our day at our cabin. Y’know, the good ‘ol baby bath-book-bed scenario.



Popularly captured by photographers from One Tree Hill, you can catch a glimpse of this cracking vista from multiple locations along Mountain View Road. Whether under classic blue skies, or engulfed in a moody stormy scene, it really has a WOW factor.

Version 2



  • Pack for all seasons. During our summer weekender it was sweltering one day, and cool and foggy the next – we needed clothing and baby paraphernalia of all types to keep Miss 3 Months comfy. On that note, book accommodation that gives you temperature control. We aren’t avid AC users but boy did we flick the switch when the celsius soared and the humidity hit the big numbers.
  • Time your travel. The baby wasn’t too keen on spending too much time strapped in to anything at the time of this trip: we flew into Brisbane during her early morning nap, and drove to Maleny from the airport (about 1.5 hours) during her second. We applied a similar strategy for our return home. It worked for us.
  • Go with a loose list. When time is limited on a short stay, research your baby-friendly activities in advance and then choose your adventures based on time, weather, baby temperament and your mood on the day. This way you’re not overcommitted, yet you still can have a “full” and fun time as a gang.


  • Time: 3 days
  • Accommodation: Self-contained cabin via AirBNB
  • Transport: Flights to Brisbane and by car to Maleny

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